Классная Ответка 2

Инсульт: I have no doubts you were making stupid comments on videos but U.S. trolls do not beat people up.. They are more concerned with receiving their welfare check and food stamps and trying to overcome their agoraphobia. Or playing follow my leader copying a overweight smelly maladjusted immature obese baldheaded U.S. troll. That is when they are not fucking the shit out of themselves with a broom handle. Shit stabbing arsehole sucking aids carrying queer bastards. «It gets better.»

Тролль попался очень жирный и начал на всех вокруг выёбываться без причины, за что и получил.

Ответ: We have Ketchup. Fuck your shit.

Инсульт: Can you hear the splashing of the water that is the toilet water splashing because you are trying to talk out of your stinking crusty shit-ridden fucking arsehole. Stop taking the antidepressants and just end your pathetic fucking life. Trying to act like a child you stupid cunt.

Очень жирный!

Классная Ответка: Oh dear, I seem to have made you upset through my lighthearted humor. Whatever shall I do?

I shall pay the ultimate price! I shall continue my internet browsing as if nothing has changed. I shall continue to live the life of a college student, and I shall carry your words always in my memory in case I ever need a good laugh.

In other words. You mad brah?



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